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Our team consists of a licensed Professional Counselor, an Equine Specialist, and a herd of equines including a trio of mini donkeys! Our clients also enjoy having essential healing time with our goats, chickens, and livestock dogs.

ERIN ALLEN is the founder and director of Higher Ground Healing. Erin began her life with horses as a child and continued riding throughout her teen and adult years. When she learned about the EAGALA model in 2011, as a way to incorporate the power of horses into her profession, she jumped at the chance. Erin spent a few years living on the east coast and learning about the EAGALA model through training and first-hand experience working at another Equine Therapy 501c3. Erin has been working as an Equine therapist since that time, as well as offering therapy to children, teens, and adults in the office. She now exclusively offers Equine Assisted Therapy at Higher Ground Healing. Her clinical areas of expertise are working with teenagers, the LGBTQ+ population, and complex PTSD.

Erin believes in empowering each individual to find their own truth and answers, through the support of the healing space and animals. Erin has personally experienced the therapeutic nature of these animals and is passionate about opening the barn doors to others for the opportunity to share in the healing gifts available here. Erin is continuing her ongoing education in Somatic Therapy and hopes to obtain a certification in Equine Assisted EMDR in the near future.

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